Help Paint The City, Paint The Schools!

Paint The City will be focusing their year on painting inspirational murals inside and out of our Chicago school classrooms.

100% proceeds will go towards our efforts to create a more mindful environment for Chicago school kids.

Paint The City is excited to announce our big 2021 campaign called “Help Paint The City, Paint The Schools”. We will be dedicating most of our initiative this year to painting inspiring and impactful murals in schools whose communities are most in need. Our campaign mission is to create murals both inside and outside that resonate with the students and their neighborhood. Our goal is to raise $250,000 to reach as many schools as possible and not consider any project too large.

The fundraising campaign will support artists fees, materials, extra school staffing fees and marketing costs involved. Our focus will be in communities on the south and west side but not limited to other neighborhoods. The purpose of this campaign is to bring brighter, stronger and more positive environments to the kids and their classrooms. Paint The City proved last year the powerful impact public art can have on a community. We feel it’s presence within the schools will have an extremely significant impact on the youths mindset, behavior and learning abilities.
This fundraiser will also support a variety of ways we can bring this art to the schools from indoor classroom murals to basketball and playground murals. Paint The City has over 50 artists from different Chicago communities to help spear this beautiful campaign and carry out its mission. Each school’s faculty and youth will work closely with Paint The City artists making sure their voices are strongly seen within the artwork. School feedback will be encouraged to assure the artistic outcome matches their expectations.

Paint The City will track the progression of each project on their social media and website as one way of spreading awareness about the campaign to help maintain its success. We hope to make this a yearly fundraising community project to continue healing the city through art.

Please contact Missy Perkins or Barrett Keithley at with questions or how to get involved. Donations can be accepted through our website

Paint The City team